How To Prolong Your Tools Lifespan

tools on a rackNo matter what type of project you are encountering, you have used tools one way or another. Either the project calls for it because it is impossible to complete project with out them or they provide you with ease to complete a task within the overall project. After years of usage, tools can get worn out and will need to be replaced. If taken care of properly they can last a while which will ultimately save you money, however, they can just as easily get damaged if not taken care of. Below are a few ways you can keep your tools in tip top shape and make sure they last you as long as you need.

  • Store Your Tools Properly – Just throwing all tools in one place can cause clutter and take up space. Tool boxes and peg boards are great storage ideas for your tools. Peg boards are great to display and let you actually see what is there while having easy access. Tool boxes store your tools neatly and separate them according to the type of tool.
  • Clean Your Tools – Rust is the number 1 enemy of any tool as it will decrease the lifespan of any tool. Rust weakens the metal of the tool making it less durable. To prevent this make sure you clean your tools after you use them on a project. A quick wipe down, some soap and water and making sure you dry them well will make sure your tools stay clean and rust free.
  • Inspect Your Tools – Make sure to check on your tools whether they are hand tools or electric power tools. Checking for any rust, cracked handles, corrosion, slow start ups (power tools), etc. Periodically checking on your tools will help in prolonging their lifespan as you can fix any imperfections if necessary.

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Relieve The Frustration Of Measuring Trims With The Miter Aid

One of the many frustrations of carpentry and construction is getting the right measurement of trims for doors or windows. Many times, wood is wasted as we cut either too short or too long because of improper measurements. With the Miter Aid, all that frustration is no longer in existence. After making the first 45 degree cuts, place the miter aid at the location of the cut. This handy tool comes with a section to place a tape measure and hold it in place. This provides the perfect assistance as you get the correct length you need for your project.

We here at DC Trade Tools have multiple products that help carpenters, masons, and construction workers complete their projects with ease. Our tools are made in the U.S.A and are guaranteed to make any project come out looking great with the correct measurements thanks to your amazing items.

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Keep Work Pieces Together With The Miter Clip

miter clip packaging

miter clip packaging

One handy tool that is perfect for any project that requires piecing objects together is the Miter Clip. What this clip provides is a strong hold as you put the finishing touches on a project. By applying pressure to both joints, this clip holds together anything you are trying to glue together while you put in the finishing touches with a nail or screw. In addition to its handiness for projects, it is very user friendly with its easy adjustments of the work piece as well as having the ability to stay open with ease. The Miter Clip is capable of assisting any project, large or small.

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Keep Things Straight With Simple Scribe

Simple Scribe Image

When building a counter top, installing flooring, paneling, cabinets, etc. drawing a straight line can be difficult. This is especially hard when you need to get map out hard to reach places with awkward angles. Luckily, DC Trade Tools has the tool to solve all your line creating problems. This tool is the Simple Scribe, which holds any number two pencil comfortably while keeping it completely still for straight precise lines. Simple Scribe has seven sides to choose from to help with all types of angles. Users just pick the appropriate side of the Scribe, place it against that surface and draw the needed lines.

Other benefits of the Simple Scribe include:

  • Never needs to set
  • Offsets between 1/4″ and 1″
  • Light & Portable
  • Cost Effective

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The Benefits of The Gorilla Gripper

Gorilla Grip

Gorilla Grip

Working with plywood, drywall, sheet metal and other hard to grip materials can be a hassle. Luckily at DC Trade Tools, we have the perfect product to make working with these materials easier. The Gorilla Gripper is a tool that allows users to easily transport plywood, drywall, cement board, HardieBacker wall, and other sheet goods with ease.

This handy tool uses gripping plates to grab onto the material, and the user takes the handle of the tool to lift the sheet good. A one of a kind tool to help any construction worker, carpenter or contract worker lift these usually hard to handle materials.

The Gorilla Gripper features:

●  Ruggedly built; indestructible

●  Made in the USA from glass-filled nylon polymer

●  Load rating of 100 lbs.

●  Unconditionally guaranteed for life

●  Labor-saving…back-saving

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How Can You Benefit from Using the Nomar Clamp Pad

When working on surfaces such as metal, plastic, or finished wood, the Nomar Clamp Pad provides protective cushioning between the clamp and the working surface. The clamp pad comes in two grades, standard and contractor grade. It was designed to be used with an “F” style bar clamp. The contractor grade comes in Industrial rubberized plastic with a high strength magnet. The standard grade comes with a full magnetic face with a high-density foam.nomar clamp 3

The Nomar Clamp Pad can easily slip onto a clamping surface by an inset magnet. The Nomar Clamp Pad is very useful in the field because it can protect your work without any damage, sticking, slipping or staining. The clamp pad is also eco-friendly too, it is made of 100% post-consumer recycled products.

Some of the features of the Nomar Clamp Pad includes
• No Fumble Placement – Magnet keeps pads in place.
• Magnet maintains pads in place
• Durable construction
• Easily trimmed to size
• Fits any “F” style bar clamps
• Will not damage, stick, slip or leave a residue


What Is the 3D Ruler and Why You Should Have One

The 3D Ruler is a tool that you have probably never seen before. The 3D ruler is unique in itself because it is designed to measure in three dimensions. It allows you to calibrate, measure and check your work by touch instead of sight. Most other gap gauges or feeler gauges are clumsy to use and at times, can be very inaccurate. The 3D Ruler takes all of the guesswork out of the last half inch, just insert the small or large 3D ruler into the gaps or spaces and have your measurement instantly and up to 4 thousandths of an inch accurate. The design of the 3D ruler allows you to measure height and width in on single step.

Other Uses for the 3D Ruler Includes

  • Height gauge – gap gauge – step gauge;
  • Positive Stop – measure two dimensions at once
  • Check height of blades and bits
  • Level shop equipment – Calibrate equipment – blade-to-fence, drill bit-to-table
  • Gap gauge – even distance between trim elements

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How does the V-Line Clamp Work?

The V-line clamp automatically gives the user the ability to multitask when trying to draw precise lines. The benefits of the V-line is that it can clamp on to your chalk line allowing the user to maneuver to anywhere and draw a very precise line. Normally the user would have to loop the chalk line on a nail or other object and then unloop the chalk line after the line is drawn.

The V-line also as the ability to attach to a tape measure with a built-in groove designed to hold on to the end of the tape measure allowing the user to move and gain a more accurate measuring distance. This is convenient because a job that normally would need assistance to complete can now be done by one person. The V-line can also clamp to the outside of your work bag so it conveniently in reaching distance when you need it. The V-line works on materials from 1/4th inch to 7/8th inches.

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 V-line Video Demonstration.

What Is the Uniruler & Why You Should Own One


Image owning one ruler that can do the job of three. The Uniruler was designed to be convenient and universal to meet any need that you may have during a construction, masonry, or carpentry project. What makes the Uniruler different from any other ruler is its design and construction.

Each individual 6 ¾” section of the ruler is thicker than other rulers by a 1/32nd of an inch.  This added material makes each ¾ inch thick section stronger and more durable.  By reducing the length of each section by 1 ¼,” the ruler is more compact overall and easier to store.

In addition, the Uniruler has 3/16 diameter holes located at the center of each inch mark. Above and below those holes are 3/32 x 3/32 notches that are placed at the center of every inch marker. The reason for these markings is for the placement of 3/16 diameter screw or nails to be placed within these markings as well as being able to place a carpenter pencil through it.

The UniRuler allows the user to quickly determine wall angles for miter cuts as well as replicating wall angles for making templates. With a square edge that projects out on the last section of the ruler, the craftsman or DIYer can make quick and accurate scribes in 1-inch increments.

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Folding Ruler

Since the beginning, man has always had a need to measure distance, and these distances have been based on the actions of human beings and can accomplish. The Uniruler is the first of its kind currently out there in the market for hand tools. The Uniruler is a very interesting folding ruler made by DC Trade Tools. Folds up and measures any layout. This unique ruler is a great tool to have at all times, perfect for any construction or wood worker’s upcoming projects.

This product will not be found in retail stores, unique home improvement product will not be available in Target or Walmart. This ruler cannot be found in Stanley, Black and Decker or other Hardware & Home Improvement Groups.

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