How To Prolong Your Tools Lifespan

tools on a rackNo matter what type of project you are encountering, you have used tools one way or another. Either the project calls for it because it is impossible to complete project with out them or they provide you with ease to complete a task within the overall project. After years of usage, tools can get worn out and will need to be replaced. If taken care of properly they can last a while which will ultimately save you money, however, they can just as easily get damaged if not taken care of. Below are a few ways you can keep your tools in tip top shape and make sure they last you as long as you need.

  • Store Your Tools Properly – Just throwing all tools in one place can cause clutter and take up space. Tool boxes and peg boards are great storage ideas for your tools. Peg boards are great to display and let you actually see what is there while having easy access. Tool boxes store your tools neatly and separate them according to the type of tool.
  • Clean Your Tools – Rust is the number 1 enemy of any tool as it will decrease the lifespan of any tool. Rust weakens the metal of the tool making it less durable. To prevent this make sure you clean your tools after you use them on a project. A quick wipe down, some soap and water and making sure you dry them well will make sure your tools stay clean and rust free.
  • Inspect Your Tools – Make sure to check on your tools whether they are hand tools or electric power tools. Checking for any rust, cracked handles, corrosion, slow start ups (power tools), etc. Periodically checking on your tools will help in prolonging their lifespan as you can fix any imperfections if necessary.

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