Relieve The Frustration Of Measuring Trims With The Miter Aid

One of the many frustrations of carpentry and construction is getting the right measurement of trims for doors or windows. Many times, wood is wasted as we cut either too short or too long because of improper measurements. With the Miter Aid, all that frustration is no longer in existence. After making the first 45 degree cuts, place the miter aid at the location of the cut. This handy tool comes with a section to place a tape measure and hold it in place. This provides the perfect assistance as you get the correct length you need for your project.

We here at DC Trade Tools have multiple products that help carpenters, masons, and construction workers complete their projects with ease. Our tools are made in the U.S.A and are guaranteed to make any project come out looking great with the correct measurements thanks to your amazing items.

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