Brian L.: Boston, MA

“The UniRuler is such an amazing product! I use it on every job that I do now and I cannot tell you how many people I’ve recommended the UniRuler to. I strongly believe that if you or anyone else you know are in the masonry business or construction business, the UniRuler should be a tool you have handy.”

Chris C: Weymouth, MA

“Drawing straight lines has always been a problem of mine. I can never draw a chalk line and hold a tape measure at the same time. I can image that this is a very common issue for anyone in this profession. The V line does exactly what I need it to do. I can now draw a perfectly straight line and hold a tape measure. Before I had to ask someone else to help me, Now I can just do this by myself. Fantastic product, Highly recommend it.”

Franklin L: Marblehead, MA

“I’ve purchased all four of DC Trade Tools products and I am more than happy with the quality of the tools.”